Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Home

So in a matter of 5 days I will be moving and living with flatmates. Apart from the 9months at Lizban Street this is the first time I have gone flatting in my 31 years of life. It's not quite flatting on my own. I will have Part 4 till he leaves in April. Then it will be my first flat & first living somewhere without a partner.

In all my life when I have moved out of home it has always been in with a partner. I essentially did 3 months at Lizban before Part 4 & I got together & even though we weren't in the same room we were in the same house.

Most of the moves I have done have been into my partners place with his parents. I lived with Part 1 at his parents place & although his family is still my family now & we had a downstairs living area (minus kitchen it was with parents). It was only when Part 3 purchased his first home did I experience living without parents & I enjoyed it..... To an extent. It has always been someone else's home. When Part 4 & I moved to Clapham it was his home, well it was ours but I mean it was his because I couldn't decorate it the way I wanted. That was only because he was selling it though.

But this place I'm moving to in 5 days will be my room in the flatting situation. Part 4 will be with me to April which will be great, help calm the nerves & then I'll be on me own. Eeep first flatting situation. I'm excited

Now I can't wait to own my own home!

Anyways to new beginnings

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